Regional Survey and Certification (RS&C) Letters

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RS&C Letters

Title Date
2014-02 PDF Guidance for Processing Non-Compliance with State Licensure Requirements 5/16/2014
2012-04 PDF CMS Region VI-Dallas Delegation of Notification of the Imposition and Starting Date of Optional Denial of Payment for New Admissions to the State Survey Agencies in Region VI 3/14/2012
2012-02 PDF Procedural Instructions for Processing Certifications Concerning Legal Names and Doing Business as Names of Providers and Suppliers 2/17/2012
2012-01 PDF Voluntary Termination and Related Processes 2/10/2012
2010-02 PDF Documents for Processing Certification Actions for All Non-Long Term Care Providers/Suppliers (except ICFs/MR and Clinical Laboratories) 5/27/2010
2010-01 PDF Processing of Potential Provider Requests for Exception to the Priority Assignment of Initial Surveys 3/2/2010
2009-07 PDF Sharing and Implementing Settlement Agreements in the AEM System 8/20/2009
2009-06 PDF Making Photocopies of Provider/Supplier Documents During Survey 5/29/2009
2009-05 PDF Procedural Instructions for Processing Non-Long Term Care (NLTC) Certification Actions Related to Recent Changes to the Program Integrity Manual (Supersedes RS&C Letter 09-04) 3/27/2009
2009-04 Procedural Instructions for Processing Non-Long Term Care (NLTC) Certification Actions Related to Recent Changes to the Program Integrity Manual
Replaced by RS&C 09-05 PDF
2009-03 PDF Clarification for Determining Distinct Part In Nursing Facilities (NFs) (Medicaid Only) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) (Medicare Only) In Institutions or Institutional Complexes 2/27/2009
2009-02 PDF Guidance for the First, Second and Third SNF-SNF/NF Revisits and Federal Monitoring Survey Revisits 3/10/2009
2009-01 PDF SNF/NF and NF Financial Information for Civil Money Penalties 3/10/2009
2008-02 PDF State Agency Responsibilities Following Completion of Nursing Home Informal Dispute Resolution 9/17/2008
2008-01 PDF Procedures for Non-Long Term Care Facilities with Standard Level Deficiencies at the Initial Survey 12/20/2007
2007-06 PDF Making and Retaining Copies in the Survey Packet of Reference Materials Used to Support Deficiencies 5/18/2007
2007-05 PDF Procedures for Obtaining Information for Home Health Agency Branch Office Certification Applications 4/12/2007
2007-04 PDF Change of Ownership (CHOW) Determinations for Medicare Providers 3/27/2007
2007-03 PDF Procedure for entities outside the Division of Survey and Certification (DSC) to request training by DSC staff 3/27/2007
2007-02 PDF Federal Monitoring Surveys - Selecting Providers/Suppliers for Federal Long Term Care Monitoring Surveys
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