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Medicaid Occupancy Report Instructions
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Log-in Screen

Image of the the login screen.

Getting Started

Step1: Type the six digit facility ID number (with leading zeros if applicable). Example: 001234 or 100000

Step 2: Type in the four digit numerical access code that corresponds to your facility. Note: This code is generated by DADS and can be obtained by following the instructions.

Step 3: Click the "Submit" icon on the screen.

Note: You must enter both of these fields correctly or you will not be able to complete the report. This report must be received by the fifth calendar day of the month, not fifth business day. You will receive notification when the report has not been received by DADS in a timely manner. Reports received late may be subject to vendor hold at the discretion of DADS. If you need to contact DADS staff regarding this report you may contact them via email or by telephone as detailed in the contact information.

Entry Screen

Image of the entry screen

How to Calculate Occupancy- Count By Days Example
Day Of
The Month
Beds Occupied
On That Day
1 13
2 13
3 13
4 13
5 12
6 12
7 12
8 13
9 13
10 13
11 13
12 13
13 13
14 13
15 13
16 11
17 11
18 11
19 11
20 11
21 11
22 11
23 11
24 11
25 11
26 11
27 11
28 11
29 11
30 11
31 11


How to Calculate Occupancy- Count By Beds Example
Bed Number Of Days
This Month
Bed Was Occupied
101A 31
101B 31
102A 28
102B 31
103A 31
103B 15
104A 15
104B 31
105A 31
105B 31
106A 31
106B 0
107A 31
107B 31
108A 0
108B 0
Total 368

Entering the data

Step 4: Confirm at the top of the screen that you have entered the correct facility ID and access code which confirms the facility name and address for which you are completing the report.

Step 5: Enter the total number of days that Medicaid-certified beds (which includes dually certified beds) were occupied by ANY resident, whether a Medicaid recipient or not for the entire reporting month.

Step 6: Enter the total number of persons receiving Medicaid in the facility on the last day of the reporting month.

Step 7: Enter the total number of residents in the facility on the last day of the month.

Step 8: Enter the name of the Administrator, first and last name.

Step 9: Enter the business email address of the Administrator.

Step 10: Check the box confirming that the information is true and correct.

Step 11: Enter your name, first and last.

Step 12: Enter your business email address.

Step 13: Either submit data or cancel.

Review Screen

Image of the review screen

Finalizing your report

Step 14: Ensure that the data entered into the report is correct.

Step 15: Either edit to correct any errors or finish to complete the report.

Step 16: This is your confirmation page.

Step 17: You may either print this page for your records or select the print option and then save the document electronically.

Confirmation Screen

Image of the confirmation screen

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I correct an error?

Call (512) 438-2630 or email DADS at to assist you with the correction.

Are only Medicaid recipients counted in Medicaid-beds?

No, any resident regardless of payor source are counted if they occupied the Medicaid bed.

What if the data was already entered and I try to re-enter the information?

The system will notify you that the data for this month has already been recorded and you will be able to print a copy for your records if you wish to.

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