Guiding Principles

The following principles guide daily operations for the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS).

Customer Focus

The individual needs, preferences and rights of the persons served by DADS are key to the design, development and implementation of all programs and service delivery systems.


DADS §provides good stewardship of public resources and has systems to measure performance and allow for accountability to the individuals we serve, the Legislature, other stakeholders and the general public.

Best Business Decision

DADS strives to evaluate all available options and costs in light of its guiding principles to make the best business decisions, while balancing customer priorities, best practices, standards of excellence and budgetary constraints.


DADS staff adhere to a code of professionalism based on integrity and ethical behavior in all internal and external communications and daily operations.§ DADS maintains an ethical environment, which includes the use of high standards, sound judgment and discretion in the decision-making process.

Continual Improvement

DADS is committed to achieving excellence in everything we do.§ Continual improvement is expected in all agency operations, activities and services.§ DADS will develop and implement innovative ideas, measure performance and evaluate results to continually improve.

Teamwork and Partnerships

DADS collaborates with individuals, advocates, other federal and state agencies, elected officials and the general public to achieve positive results.§ Employees will foster a teamwork environment both within and outside the agency.


DADS staff honor the value, dignity, privacy and individuality of DADS staff members and the individuals we serve.

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Updated: May 1, 2015