State Supported Living Center Monitoring

Consistent with requirements set out in the Settlement Agreement between the state of Texas and the U. S. Department of Justice, three teams of professionals in the field of intellectual disabilities have been assigned to conduct a baseline review and subsequent on-site compliance monitoring visits at each of the 12 state supported living centers in Texas as well as at the intermediate care facility for persons with intellectual disability component of the Rio Grande State Center. Each of the three teams of professionals are under the direction of a lead monitor who was jointly selected by the state of Texas and the U. S. Department of Justice.

Baseline Reviews

The baseline reviews of each of the facilities began in January 2010 and concluded in May 2010. Those reviews were not intended to be formal compliance measurement efforts. Their primary purpose was to learn about the facilities and their operations relevant to the areas of focused improvement prescribed in the Settlement Agreement.

The baseline review process included review and analysis of data and information provided about facility operations including relevant policies, procedures, rules, statutes and specific demographic information about persons receiving services at the facility.

Phase Two

The second phase of the baseline review was an intensive five-day on-site visit to the facility to:

  • meet staff and individuals receiving services;
  • review processes and procedures in real time; and
  • become familiar with the facility's physical plant layout, organizational structure and general operations.

Phase Three

The third phase of the baseline review included reviews of all relevant information collected either pre-review, during the review or post-review that were relevant to the purpose of the baseline process. A formal report of the baseline review was issued approximately 60 days after the date that the on-site review is concluded.

Formal Compliance Reviews

Beginning in July 2010, and at six-month intervals thereafter, formal compliance reviews are being conducted at each facility. These compliance reviews are multiphased, as were the baseline reviews. They include:

  • a review of facility compliance status updates,
  • an intensive five-day on-site compliance review at each facility, and
  • subsequent analysis of relevant data and information to determine compliance with each of the 20 required areas of improvement outlined in the Settlement Agreement.

A formal report of the baseline review will be issued approximately 45 days after the date that the on-site review is concluded. Copies of the compliance review reports are posted on this website for public review.

As outlined in the Settlement Agreement, when a facility achieves substantial compliance with any substantive provision(s) of the agreement for one year, no further monitoring or reporting of that facility shall be required on that provision.

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Updated: August 31, 2016