Supported Employment at State Supported Living Centers

What is Supported Employment?

Supported employment is a program offered to individuals who are interested in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community. Supported employment is based on the principal that everyone can and has the right to work. Jobs are sought based on the individual's interests, preferences and abilities. The program provides a variety of services such as job coaching, transportation and on-going supports. §

Some of the services provided by job coaches include assisting with the application process, preparing for interviews, and working with the individual at the work site in order to learn the skills needed to succeed at his or her job. Job coaches also are available to provide employers with suggestions on how to help integrate individuals into the work environment.

Spotlight on Supported Employment

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To learn more about supported employment at the state supported living centers, watch the video below. You can also contact the supported employment staff at your local state supported living center by using the navigation to the left.

For more disability employment resources, including supported employment in other DADS programs, please visit the Employment First website.

Supported Employment: State Supported Living Centers Video

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Updated: April 15, 2016