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Letters to DADS Services Providers
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Provider (PL) and Information (IL) letters
Number Title Date
IL 2015-05A 2014 Cost Report and Cost Report Preparer Requirements 1/16/2015
IL 2015-05 2014 Cost Report and Cost Report Preparer Requirements 1/16/2015
IL 2014-83.2 2014 Cost Report Training Information 12/18/2014
IL 2014-80 /
PL 2014-33
Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review - Quality Service Reviews 12/03/2014
IL 2014-78 Relocation of the Health and Human Services Commission Document Processing Center from Midland to Austin 12/01/2014
IL 2014-76 Information on Ebola Virus for Providers of Services to Individuals in the Department of Aging and Disability Services Programs 11/07/2014
IL 2013-75 Addition of Employment Assistance and Expansion of the Consumer Directed Services option to Supported Employment (Updated Nov. 7, 2014) 11/07/2014
IL 2014-75 Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy, Employment Assistance and Revisions of Qualifications for Habilitation and Respite Providers 11/07/2014
IL 2014-65 Contract and Fiscal Compliance Monitoring Tools for Community Living Assistance and Support Services Providers 10/15/2014
IL 2014-64 Clarification of Billing Process for Pre-Enrollment Assessment Activities 10/14/2014
IL 2014-48 Requirement to Request Renewal of Expired Intellectual Disability/Related Conditions and Individual Plan of Care Forms 8/12/2014
IL 2014-44 Fiscal Year 2014 Cutoff Dates for Year-end Closeout Processing 8/01/2014
IL 2014-41 Expansion of Medicaid Acute Care Services – Provision of Day Activity and Health Services and Primary Home Care for Individuals in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Waivers 7/22/2014
IL 2014-38 Expansion of Medicaid Acute Care Services – Role of STAR+PLUS Acute Care Service Coordinator in Long-term Support Services Planning 7/09/2014
IL 2014-35 Electronic Visit Verification Liquidated Damages 7/02/2014
IL 2014-25 Maintaining Continuously Current Waiver Program Eligibility 6/05/2014
IL 2014-22 Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal Year 2014 Claims Billing Closeout 6/03/2014
IL 2014-04 Expansion of Medicaid Acute Care Services - Maintaining Continuous Eligibility to Avoid Disruption of Services for Enrolled Individuals 2/11/2014
IL 2013-74 Revision of Service Codes and Bill Codes for Specialized Therapies and Consumer Directed Services Habilitation 12/12/2013
IL 2013-72 2013 Online Training and Classroom Training Dates 11/12/2013
IL 2013-69 Respite Rates for 1915(c) Medicaid Waiver Providers - Room and Board Charges 10/15/2013
IL 2013-59 Notice of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week 9/06/2013
IL 2013-44 Fiscal Year 2013 Cutoff Dates for Year-end Closeout Processing 7/29/2013
IL 2013-42 Fiscal Year 2013 Cutoff Notice for Miscellaneous Claims 7/19/2013
IL 2013-34 Expiration of Service Limits This letter has been revised.
Replaced by IL 13-34

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