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DADS Provider Alerts — Adult Day Care/Day Activity and Health Services (ADC/DAHS)

Personal Attendant Wages Increase Sept. 1, 2015

On Sept. 1, 2015, providers must begin paying employed or contracted personal attendants who work in the following programs at least $8 an hour, up from the current $7.86 per hour minimum.

  • Residential care services
  • CLASS habilitation services
  • CMPAS personal attendant services
  • DAHS attendants
  • DBMD residential habilitation, Community First Choice personal assistance services/habilitation (CFC PAS/HAB), chore services, and day habilitation
  • HCS supported home living or CFC PAS/HAB
  • CLASS habilitation or CFC PAS/HAB
  • MDCP respite and Flexible Family Support Services
  • PHC, including Family CareĀ and Community Attendant Services
  • TxHmL community support or CFC PAS/HAB

Newly employed or contracting attendants hired on or after Sept.1, 2015, must be notified of the required base wage level within 3 days of being hired.


Title 40 Texas Administrative Code §§49.312 requires that people working as personal attendants in the services/programs listed above, whether as employees or contractors of a provider or as employees or contractors of subcontractors, be paid at or above a specified minimum hourly base wage. The requirement to pay providers of CFC PAS/HAB, effective Sept.1, 2015, will be addressed in a future rule project.

Questions can be directed to Frank Plummer at 512-438-2188 or


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