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Community Based Alternatives (CBA)

The Community Based Alternatives (CBA) program, a 1915 (c) nursing facility waiver, was terminated Sept. 1, 2014.

It has been replaced by the STAR+PLUS Home and Community-based Services (HCBS) waiver, administered by the Texas Health and Human Service Commission (HHSC). For more information, please refer to the HHSC Medicaid Managed Care Initiatives webpage.


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Letters [Provider (PL) and Information (IL)]
Number Title Date
IL 2014-77 PDF STAR+PLUS Managed Care Resource Information for Transitioned Community Based Alternatives, Primary Home Care and Day Activity Health Services Providers 12/01/2014
IL 2014-55 PDF Payment Rates Effective September 1, 2014 09/03/2014
IL 2014-49 PDF Billing Process for Long-Term Services and Supports Providers Transitioning to STAR+PLUS 08/27/2014
IL 2014-44 PDF Fiscal Year 2014 Cutoff Dates for Year-end Closeout Processing 08/01/2014
IL 2014-35 PDF Electronic Visit Verification Liquidated Damages 07/02/2014

All provider letters for Community Based Alternatives

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Updated: September 18, 2014