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  • October is Persons with Disabilities History and Awareness Month. Join us in celebrating achievements of Texans and other Americans with disabilities who made significant contributions to the state, and who have led the way in the disability rights movement. Flier in PDF | Bookmark in PDF

  • Person First Respectful Language (PDF) is more than just a fad or political correctness, it is a way of emphasizing each person's value, individuality and capabilities.

  • Get Involved: Volunteer and Community Engagement discusses the various ways in which DADS provides people, organizations and communities with opportunities to enhance the lives and services delivery needs of older Texans and people with disabilities.

  • The Texas Ombudsman Program trains and certifies advocates for quality care in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. An ombudsman is dedicated to enhancing the lives of residents and is independent of the facility. Spanish

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Updated: May 6, 2015