Person-Directed Planning for State Supported Living Centers

Appendix IV
Tool IV — Personal Support Plan (PSP) Meeting Instructions

Revision 07-0; Effective September 1, 2007


The PSP meeting is a process in which the person served, legally authorized representative (LAR) and Personal Support Team (PST) discuss and develop a plan to support the person in living a healthier and happier life.


When to Prepare



Person served, LAR/advocate, PST members and people chosen by the person participate in the meeting. The qualified intellectual disability professional (QIDP) completes Form 6609, Personal Support Plan.

Steps to Complete

Encourage the person to facilitate his or her own meeting if able. This will set the tone for who directs the PSP meeting.

  1. Introductions
  2. Review agenda.
  3. Review the PSP draft sent before the meeting for any discussion, revisions and approval.
    • Document any discussion and resolution of discrepancies on a discussion record.
    • Make revisions to the PSP as agreed upon by the PST.
  4. Complete Form 6614, Rights Assessment.
  5. Complete Form 6620, Living Options Discussion Record.
  6. Develop action plans based on all discussions, recommendations and information shared. Action plans will incorporate programming, services provided, what is important to the person, recommendations, etc.
  7. Complete Form 6621, Program Integration Discussion Record, to reflect how services from outside the facility will be integrated into the plan.
  8. Discuss any additional concerns and issues that need to be addressed.
  9. Complete CARE forms.
  10. Complete Form 6623, Personal Support Team Signature Sheet.
  11. The QIDP is responsible for finalizing the PSP document and distributing it per facility policy.