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6100 Service Plan Development

6110 Documentation

6111 Documentation of Prescribed Medications

6120 Narrative Attachment

6130 Forms 6140 Certification for Benefits

6200 Ongoing Service Planning

6210 Six-Month Review

6210.1 Good Faith Effort

6211 Receipt Procedures — Six-Month Review

6212 Service Plan Documentation

6213 Narrative Documentation

6214 Documentation of Six-Month Review

6220 Annual Recertification

6221 Receipt Procedures — Annual Recertification

6222 Service Plan Documentation

6223 Narrative Documentation

6224 Income Verification

6224.1 Exceptions to Income Verification Requirements at Annual Recertification (for Unearned Income Only)

6225 Other Services

6226 Documentation of Annual Recertification

6230 Service Plan Changes

6240 Computation of Service Subsidy Grants

6300 Service Plan Items Potentially Covered by Other Programs

6400 Referral to Other Programs

6410 Refusal to Accept Interest List Placement

6500 Services Provided by the Individual's Natural Support System

6600 Coordination with Other Programs

6610 Communication with Non-DADS Programs

6611 SNAP, TANF and TANF-Related Medicaid Households

6612 TANF and TANF-Related Medicaid Households

6613 SNAP

6614 SSI and SSI-Related Medical Assistance Only

6615 Medical Assistance Only

6616 Individuals Receiving SSI Only

6617 Safeguarding Resource Eligibility for TW, SSI and MAO Recipients

6618 Reimbursement for Future Expenses

6620 Communication with Other DADS Programs

6700 Reduction or Termination of Benefits

6710 Suspension of Benefits when an Individual Enters a Nursing Facility

6711 Six-Month Review While Individual is Residing in a Nursing Facility

6712 Annual Recertification While Individual is Residing in a Nursing Facility

6713 Service Authorization System Entries Required Upon Discharge from Facility

6714 Termination for NF Stays Exceeding Six Months

6720 Suspension of Benefits When an Individual Enters a Medical Facility

6730 When an Individual Moves Out of State

6740 Death of an Individual

6750 Unable to Locate Individual

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