Case Manager Community Based Alternatives Handbook

How to Print

DADS handbooks are available online only, but it is possible for users to print sections or portions, as needed.
Note: It is not possible at this time to print an entire handbook at once (only one section at a time). In addition, PDF versions of handbook sections are not available.

To print a handbook section

Press Ctrl+P (PC) or Command + P (Mac) to open the printer menu. You have these options:

To use the Selection option (printing a portion of a file; for PC only)

Highlight the text you wish to print (that is, drag your mouse over the text you want to print and keep it highlighted; in most cases the text will appear blue, but you may have another color setting). Then follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+P (PC) to open the printer menu.
  2. Choose Selection or Selection Only. (Note: In Chrome, you may need to click on More Settings first.)

Click on Print or OK.