Texas Works Handbook

Forms Table of Contents

Number Title
AT-ReportAdministrative Terminal Report
G-845SDocument Verification Request
H0003Authorization to Furnish Information
H0004Consent for a Person Sponsoring an Immigrant
H0004-SConsent for a Person Sponsoring an Immigrant (Spanish)
H0025HHSC Application for Voter Registration
H0025-SHHSC Application for Voter Registration (Spanish)
H0050Parent Profile Questionnaire
H0070Food Stamps Streamlined Reporting (Income Calculation Worksheet)
H0401HIPAA - Privacy Notice
H0401-SHIPAA - Privacy Notice (Spanish)
H0402HIPAA - Explanation of Medicaid Privacy Rights
H0403HIPAA - Explanation of Health Information Privacy Rights
H0901HHSC Enhanced Data Gathering Worksheet
H0920Notice from the Community Organization Helping You
H0926-CP-AASharing Facts About Me and My Case
H0926-CP-AA-SSharing Facts About Me and My Case (Spanish)
H0926-CP-CASharing Facts About Me and My Case
H0926-CP-CA-SSharing Facts About Me and My Case (Spanish)
H1000-ANotice of Application
H1001Application for Benefit Assistance From the Voluntary Agency(VOLAG) Fax Coversheet - Applications ONLY (Form H1010)
H1008Authorization for Cancellation or Issuance of Public Assistance Warrants
H1008-AWarrant Inquiry/EBT Benefit Conversion and Affidavit for Non-receipt of Warrant
H1009TANF/Food Stamp Benefits Notice of Eligibility
H1009-ATANF/Food Stamp Notice of Eligibility - Client Rights/Responsibilities Information
H1010Texas Works Application for Assistance - Your Texas Benefits (English and Spanish)
H1010-MRMAGI Renewal Addendum
H1010-MR-SMAGI Renewal Addendum (Spanish)
H1010-RYour Texas Works Benefits: Renewal Form
H1011-AMedical Renewal Form for Youth Transitioned from Foster Care or an Approved Unaccompanied Refugee Minor's Resettlement Program
H1012Immunization Record
H1014-AChildren's Health Care Benefits - Final Reminder
H1014-ASChildren's Health Care Benefits - Final Reminder (Spanish)
H1016Supplemental Security Income Referral
H1017Notice of Benefit Denial or Reduction
H1017-ANotice of Benefit Denial or Reduction - Client Rights/Responsibilities
H1017-BTransitional Medicaid
H1017-PNotice of Benefit Denial/Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) Reasons
H1017-PSNotice of Benefit Denial/Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) Reasons (Spanish)
H1018Overpayment Claim
H1019Report of Change
H1019-FReport of Change - FFCHE
H1019-FSReport of Change - FFCHE (Spanish)
H1019-SReport of Change (Spanish)
H1020Request for Information or Action
H1020-ASources of Proof
H1020-SRequest for Information or Action (Spanish)
H1021Payment Agreement - Verbal Authorization for One-Time Debit of an Active Lone Star Food Account
H1022Notice to Apply Benefits in a Dormant Lone Star Food Account to a Food Stamp Claim
H1023Installment Payment Agreement - Debit of a Lone Star Food Account
H1024Subject: Self-Declaration Notice
H1026Verification of Railroad Retirement Benefits
H1026-FTIVerification of Railroad Retirement Benefits - FTI
H1027-AMedicaid Eligibility Verification
H1027-BMedicaid Eligibility Verification - MQMB
H1027-CMedicaid Eligibility Verification - QMB
H1027-FProof of Health Care Coverage
H1028Employment Verification
H1028-SEmployment Verification (Spanish)
H1029Notice of Case Action
H1030Simplified Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Lone Star Card Assistance
H1030-SSimplified Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Lone Star Card Assistance (Spanish)
H1036Refugee Cash Assistance Verification Form
H1038Medical Facility Referral
H1039Medical Insurance Input
H1040-AApplication Suspense File Card
H1040-BReview Suspense File Card
H1040-CChange Suspense File Card
H1041Worker Activity Log
H1042Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Worksheet: Medicaid and CHIP
H1044Standby Log
H1046Inpatient Medical Services Certification
H1046-SInpatient Medical Services Certification (Spanish)
H1049Client's Statement of Self-Employment Income
H1050Check Verification
H1057Declaration of Informal Marriage
H1059Interview Observation Instrument
H1060Case Preparation Guide
H1061Birth Outcome Letter
H1061-SBirth Outcome Letter (Spanish)
H1062Birth Outcome Reminder Letter
H1062-SBirth Outcome Reminder Letter (Spanish)
H1063Request for Review Outcome Letter
H1063-SRequest for Review Outcome Letter - Spanish
H1064CHIP Continued Enrollment Letter
H1064-SCHIP Continued Enrollment Letter (Spanish)
H1065Tuition and Fee Exemption Letter
H1072One Time Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (OTTANF) Acknowledgement
H1073Personal Responsibility Agreement
H1073-SPersonal Responsibility Agreement (Spanish)
H1074SNAP Force Change Request
H1075Welfare Reform Force Change Request
H1076-ANotice of TANF State Time Limits
H1076-BNotice of TANF State Time Limit Months Used/Changed/Corrected
H1076-CNotice of End of TANF State Time Limit/Hardship Exemption
H1077Notice of TANF Federal Time Limits
H1079Qualifying Quarters of Social Security Earnings
H1082TANF Grandparent Supplement Payment Request
H1084Certification for Warrants Lost, Destroyed, Stolen or Not Received
H1086School Attendance Verification
H1087Verification of Texas Health Steps (THSteps) Checkup
H1088Verification of Parenting Skills Training
H1093THSteps Extra Effort Referral
H1094Notice of TANF-SP Time Limit
H1094-SNotice of TANF-SP Time Limit (Spanish)
H1095Treatment Facility Fraud Referral
H1096Notification Letter
H1097Affidavit for Citizenship/Identity
H1097-SAffidavit for Citizenship/Identity (Spanish)
H1100Addendum Income Worksheet
H1101TANF Worksheet
H1102TANF Worksheet for Special Reviews and Denials
H1103Verification of TANF Eligibility
H110490% Earned Income Deduction (EID) Eligibility and Tracking
H1105SNAP Expedited Screening Sheet
H1106Enumeration Referral
H1106-AProofs You Need to Apply for a Social Security Number Card
H1107Request for Forced Change of Medical Coverage
H1110PIN Order Discrepancy Verification
H1111Card Order Discrepancy Verification
H1113Application for Prior Medicaid Coverage
H1118Spend Down Information Sheet (Medically Needy Program)
H1119Medical Programs Income Worksheet
H1120Medical Bills Transmittal/Insurance Information
H1122Medicaid Action Notice
H1122-AMedicaid Information - Client Rights/Responsibilities
H1131Individually Identifiable Health Information Fax Transmittal
H1133Account Verification
H1134Assistance Statement Verification
H1135Child Care Expense Verification
H1136Child Support Verification
H1137Confirmation of Office Visit Work/School Excuse
H1138Living Arrangement Verification
H1139Medical Expense Verification
H1140Verification of Benefits
H1146-MMedicaid Report (Manual)
H1155Request for Domicile Verification
H1161Eligibility Case Reading
H1162Lone Star Card Insert
H1163TWC Employment Registration
H1172EBT Card, PIN and Data Entry Request
H1173EBT Card Issuance and PIN Self-Selection/Issuance Log
H1174Inventory of EBT Cards/PIN Packets
H1175Authorization for Administrative Terminal Application Action
H1177Transmittal and Receipt for Controlled EBT Documents
H1182TANF Client Fee Notification Letter
H1183EBT Pocket Guide
H1184Benefit Issuance Schedule
H1185Learn More About Your Lone Star Card
H1185-SLearn More About Your Lone Star Card (Spanish)
H1186OIG Match Action Alert
H1187Welcome to Texas Health Steps Medicaid!
H1188Common Questions Asked About Texas Health Steps and Your Child's Medicaid
H1190Ending TANF Five Year Freeze Out Disqualification
H1205Texas Streamlined Application
H1205-STexas Streamlined Application (Spanish)
H1213Children's Health-Care Benefits: More Facts Needed from the Parent Who Has Custody
H1213-SChildren's Health-Care Benefits: More Facts Needed from the Parent Who Has Custody (Spanish)
H1240Request for Information from Bureau of Veterans Affairs and Client's Authorization
H1265Presumptive Eligibility (PE) Worksheet
H1266Short-term Medicaid Notice: Approved
H1266-SShort-term Medicaid Notice: Approved (Spanish)
H1267Short-term Medicaid Notice: Not Approved
H1267-SShort-term Medicaid Notice: Not Approved (Spanish)
H1350Opportunity to Register to Vote
H1550Out of State NBCCEDP Verification
H1551Treatment Verification
H1701Child Support, TANF Foster Care and TANF/Medicaid Case Information Exchange
H1706Good Cause Recommendation
H1708-AReport of Noncooperation (Automated)
H1710Payment Identification/Identificacion Pagado
H1712Explanation of Child/Medical Support, Family Violence and Good Cause
H1713Service Plan for Family Violence Option and Report of Good Cause
H1714Notice of Grant Jeopardy
H1715Notice of Excess Payment
H1716Notice of Grant Jeopardy/Excess Payment - Transfer to TP 20
H1717Notice of Grant Jeopardy/Excess Payment - Denial
H1718Notice of Benefit Denial
H1719Notice of Excess Payment
H1800Receipt for Application/Medicaid Report/Verification/Report of Change
H1801SNAP Worksheet
H1802Voluntary Withdrawal from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
H1803Food Stamp Identification Card
H1805SNAP Food Benefits: Your Rights and Program Rules
H1808SNAP Work Rules
H1808-SSNAP Work Rules (Spanish)
H1816SNAP E&T Noncompliance Report
H1817Food Stamp E&T Information Transmittal
H1822ABAWD E&T Work Requirement Verification
H1825Entitlement to Restored Benefits
H1826Case Information Release
H1830Application/Review/Expiration/Appointment Notice
H1830-IInterview Notice (Applications or Reviews)
H1830-LChildren's Health Care Benefits Renewal Notice
H1830-LSChildren's Health Care Benefits Renewal Notice (Spanish)
H1830-RTexas Works Renewal Notice
H1830-WWomen's Health Program Review/Expiration Notice
H1831Adjunctive Eligibility Letter
H1831-SAdjunctive Eligibility Letter (Spanish)
H1832Affidavit for Meal Providers to the Homeless
H1833Cover Letter - Other Medicaid Ending
H1834Cover Letter - Other Medicaid Denied
H1836-AMedical Release/Physician's Statement
H1836-ASMedical Release/Physician's Statement (Spanish)
H1836-BMedical Release/Physician's Statement
H1836-BSMedical Release/Physician's Statement (Spanish)
H1837Physician's Statement of Permanent Disability
H1840SNAP Food Benefits Renewal Form
H1840-SSNAP Food Benefits Renewal Form (Spanish)
H1841SNAP-CAP Application
H1841-SSNAP-CAP Application (Spanish)
H1842SNAP-CAP Renewal Application
H1842-SSNAP-CAP Renewal Application (Spanish)
H1843FNS Authorized SNAP-CAP Benefit Increase Notice
H1844Refugee Cash Assistance Employment Services Contractor Referral
H1844-AContractor Receipt Log for Initial RCA Referrals (Form H1844)
H1845Drug and Alcohol Treatment (D&A)/Group Living Arrangement (GLA) Facility Review
H1846Facility Authorized Representative Interview
H1847Reminder to Submit Form H1852
H1851Reference Guide for Drug and Alcohol Treatment (D&A)/Group Living Arrangement (GLA) Facilities
H1852List of Resident Participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
H1853Documentation of Findings for Form H1852
H1855Affidavit for Nonreceipt or Destroyed Food Stamp Benefits
H1856SNAP Out-of-State Intentional Program Violations
H1857Landlord Verification
H1858Items We Might Need from Anyone on Your Case
H1858-SItems We Might Need from Anyone on Your Case (Spanish)
H1859Social Security Administration Benefits for People with Disabilities Receiving TANF
H1860TANF Social Security Outreach Letter
H1861Federal Tax Information Destruction Log
H1862Federal Tax Information Transmittal Memorandum
H1863Federal Tax Information Removal Log
H1864Federal Tax Information Fax Transmittal
H1865Federal Tax Information Transmittal Log
H1867Texas Women's Health Program Application Form
H1867-RWomen's Health Program Medicaid Application
H1867-RSWomen's Health Program Medicaid Application (Spanish)
H1867-STexas Women's Health Program Application Form (Spanish)
H1869Renewal for Health Care Benefits
H1869-SRenewal for Health Care Benefits (Spanish)
H1870School Enrollment Verification Form
H1870-SSchool Enrollment Verification Form (Spanish)
H1898Restored Benefits Documentation
H1901TIERS Data Collection Worksheet
H2067Case Information
H2340-OSMedicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer
H2580TANF Employment Services Notice
H2580-STANF Employment Services Notice (Spanish)
H2581Choices Noncooperation Report
H2583Choices Information Transmittal
H2588Workforce Orientation Referral
H2776Job Search Worksheet for TANF Employment Hardship Exemption
H2776-SJob Search Worksheet for TANF Employment Hardship Exemption (Spanish)
H3037Report of Pregnancy
H3038Emergency Medical Services Certification
H3038-PCHIP Perinatal - Emergency Medical Services Certification
H4100Money Receipt
H4701HHSC Out Card
H4800Fair Hearing Request Summary
H4800-AFair Hearing Request Summary (Addendum)
H4803Notice of Hearing
H4804Request and Authorization for Fair Hearing Record to Remain Open
H4807Action Taken on Hearing Decision
H4837Fair Hearings Evidence Packet Cover Letter
H4857Notice of Decision, Administrative Disqualification Hearing
H4870Client Complaint of Discrimination (English-Spanish Version)
H5799TANF Warrant/Envelope
LSCLone Star Card
LSCMLone Star Card Mailer
LSCRSLone Star Card Registration Sticker
LSCSLone Star Card Sleeve
RG-83SSN Maintenance Memorandum
SCRFSecond Cardholder Request Form
SSA-2853Message from Social Security
SSA-3288Social Security Administration Consent for Release of Information