Form 6609, Personal Support Plan

Effective Date: 6/2008


PDF: 6609.pdf


Updated: 9/2007


To compile information gathered from Form 6605, Personal Focus Worksheet, assessments and summaries emphasizing what is important to the person served. This information is used to plan and develop the Personal Support Plan (PSP).


When to Prepare

The qualified intellectual disability professional (QIDP) receives Form 6605, Personal Focus Worksheet, assessments and summaries from Personal Support Team (PST) members three weeks before the PSP meeting. The QIDP then has two weeks to complete this form.

Form Completion

PST members fill out the draft version of the form. The QIDP completes the final form.

Form Retention

Form is kept in QIDP file.

Detailed Instructions

  • Complete the blanks at the top of the form to provide the following information:
    • person receiving services,
    • legally authorized representative/advocate if applicable,
    • meeting date.
  • Complete the "What's important to the person" section as follows:
    • Transfer marked items from the "What's Important (Preferences)" section of Form 6605, Personal Focus Worksheet. These items have been identified as important and need to be shared with the team.
    • If a preference is evident from review of all worksheets and is not marked, the QIDP may add it to this list at his or her discretion.
  • Complete the "How is this supported" section as follows:
    • Note if what is important will be supported through an action plan, special considerations, activities offered, existing supports, etc.
    • Complete what you know and then finalize at the PSP meeting.
  • Copies of the draft Form 6609-D, Personal Support Plan, will be sent to team members to review no later than one week before the PSP meeting.
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